Root Password Will Not Set - New Install

Hi, Just installed FreePBX. On the install page it says “Root Password is not set”. Each time I set it, I hit the reboot button. It reboots but keeps asking me to set the root password. Screenshot below. Any ideas?

Try password: SangomaDefaultPassword If not reinstall FreePBX!

Still no luck. I wiped out the VM I’m installing this on 3 times and re-installed. Each time I get to the config screen that says “Root Password is not set”. I assign a root password (yes I tried SangomaDefaultPassword) and it accepts it by indicating Root Password is set. It then wants to reboot, I click “reboot”, and it reboots but keeps asking for the root password to be set.
Any ideas?

Before rebooting, are you certain that you have dismounted the installation ISO? (Remove the DVD media, unplug the flash drive, or give the appropriate command to the host to disconnect the virtual CD/DVD drive.)

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Disregard. I was installing on a VM. I have since installed onto a spare PC and I have just activated and all seems to be good!

There are no issues installing FreePBX as a virtual machine. I have zero physical instances of FreePBX running anywhere.

You provided no where near enough information. My first guess would be you rebooted and left the ISO mounted and the first boot device.

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