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Root password reset

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(Speed Rider) #1

hello i have forgotten my root password and idk how to get it back.

i have gone through the forms and none of the things has helped.

when i boot it up it says this:

sangoma linux 7 (core) (x86_64)

Kernel version 3.10.0-862.9.1.e17.x86_64

freepbx login:

i can get to the grub
but idk what to do after then because none of the ones on the forms that i can find will work.
i have used google to try to find a way.


Did you try this?

(Speed Rider) #3

ok so i went through those steps and now its still not working maybe i have my username wrong.
any way of finding out the user name ?

i did have all this stuff put down some wear but i was so tired when doing all this it no wear to be found.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

Username will be root

(Speed Rider) #5

thanks so much guys


Don’t forget to mark your issue resolved, if it is.

(system) #7

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