Root or asterisk - a clash of users?

I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find the answer. I bet it’s really simple too!

All of the asterisk side of things are in files and folders with the asterisk user nicely attributed.

All FreePBX etc files created or modified on the fly are also attributed to the user asterisk.

However, during operation, files such as sound files, recordings and voice mail are created attributed to user root.

For voice mail, this is not a problem because it looks as though the asterisk app is running as root and so a user is able to delete voice mails.

However, my problem is this; the ARI, like all of the apache managed apps are running as user asterisk and so as the call recordings are attributed to user root they cant be deleted. The default permission on these files are 644.

Should Asterisk be running as asterisk or root? If so, how do I change this?
Should apache be running as root? Ive always believed this was wrong.
Or at worst, how can I force recordings to have their permissions set by default as 666?

Any ideas gratefully received!

I just run:

amportal chown

And this fix the problem, but the new files will be attributed to user root.