Root at 80% please help, Disk space running low

Hi can anyone please tell me how to delete recordings and logs etc, My trixbox root is at 80 % and rising which is causing difficulties when making and receiving calls. I would like to delete the recordings and log files, I have changed all of my extension to stop recoding inbound and outbond calls as a temporary measure


Your Recording Files are located at:


The operating logs are kept for a period of time and then automatically deleted so really shouldn’t be a problem.
They are located @ /var/log/asterisk

If you are doing daily backups on your system and not copying the files off, you can eat up a lot of disk space with the obsolete
backup files.

They are located @ /var/lib/asterisk/backups

Finally, the call detail reports keep up with all of the calls and continue to grow, they are kept in the SQL database and can be accessed
from the phpmyadmin program. You could write an SQL query to delete all of the records older than a certain date.

All of this being said, I’d say your recordings and your backup filer are likely your biggest offenders.