Robotic voice quality during ChanSpy on PJSIP extension

Hi all!

When initiating a ChanSpy for a PJSIP extension, we notice robotic voice quality (degrated) after some time in the call. In the beginning the call quality is perfect, but then becomes robotic.

The actual call between the agent and X doesn’t have any audio issues and the bad audio is only experienced from the extension spying.

We didn’t have this issue on the same server when spying on legacy CHAN_SIP extensions.
Command we are using: ChanSpy(PJSIP/${SPYNUM})
Asterisk version: 18.6.0

I found an article from 2014 where they pointed out the NIC could be an issue… but I don’t understand why it works without issue for CHAN_SIP extensions and “normal” calls don’t experience this quality issues.

Thanks for your help!

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