RJ11 phone modem card can work?

Hi everyone,

I am now waiting for my server room to be ready and also applying E1 line. So I can buy a dell server (non virtualised) and Digium E1 isdn card.

But I like to give freepbx a shot. So i can get better experience on this.

I plan to install freepbx distro on a desktop computer (core i7 with 4GB RAM). However i could not find an affordable telephony analog 1 port card. All at least 4 ports.

Can I actually use the phone modem port (built-in motherboard or modem card attached to the motherboard) which I can plug in RJ11 telephone line to test out Freepbx/Asterisk? To test inbound and outbound calls?

I’m not sure, as I know that is used for those days dial up modem. Not sure can do telephony stuff.

Or is it a must to buy a telephony FXO card?

Any help? Thanks.

I assume FXO/FXS is more towards RJ11 right? But all cards come at least 4 ports. A bit waste as I will get an E1 card later for my server.

Just one question about SIP trunking provider, I check with them and it seems they are more to forward calls and outbound calls (internet -> pstn or internet -> mobile networks). Can I use SIP trunking for inbound calls? Hmm?

You have to buy a card that is supported by the DAHDI drivers.

The most economical card I am aware of is the OpenVox for under $200.00

You can also use SIP trunking providers that don’t require any hardware.

Yes, SIP is two way. You can point DID’s at SIP trunks.

Then I have to check with the SIP provider again on this one. Thanks.

If SIP works, better that way without applying a new telephone line and the analog card.