Hi - I need the following ring strategy - Ext 1 will ring first, unless it is engaged, then it will jump to ext 2, then to 3, then to 4, etc. If Ext 2 is busy, it can jump to 3, otherwise it must ring at 2 and then go to voicemail. Likewise, once it goes to 3 (because both 1 and 2 were busy) it should not go to 4 unless 3 is busy.

I have that working with the “firstavailable” and also with “firstnotonphone”. Problem is that it does not work if Ext 1 has unregistered. In that case it goes straight to voicemail even though in my understanding that would mean it is not available and should go onto ext 2.

Am I misunderstanding it, or is it a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Any help appreciated!

probably a bug, go ahead and file a ticket against it. It should keep trying until it gets to a phone capable of ringing, in the case of firstnotonphone, it would consider capable of ringing as if the phone did not have CW enabled regardless of whether it did or not.