Ringing tones per trunk/route

Hello Everyone,

Thanks in advance for the help. I rarely post here since the forums are so well developed and the platform is so popular. It’s amazing what a simple google search can solve (it’s possible I just did’nt keyword it right to get there!).

Anywho, I’m in an interesting position. The company I work for is opening a small customer service office in the UK and we have setup a small phone system for the locals using one of our US trunks (Twilio).

I’m assuming the ringback may be coming from the trunk, but I did not think so. This is something I never got into (who generates what, the telco did that for us in the good 'ol days on our POTS lines ;)).

So, my question is where can I define ringback tones? I set everything to UK in the configuration (I could find) and i’m still gettng US ringback tones.

It’s no big deal, but my UK guys who are on the phone ALL the time are very, very proud of their ringback’s ;).

This is not a big deal, management said to screw off in appeasing them, but I’m spending my free time to get a giggle out of a couple of brits.

I have found some recorded ringtones I can play but that seems like a cheat ;-0. I was thinking about taking one and adding something obnoxious to the end of it as one hell of a prank, however, I found those meetings with HR are pretty uncomfortable…

I am very interested in signailing tone’s, and I’m reading up on a bunch of stuff. I really don’t understand exactly what is happening anymore and any input would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, I promised myself to stay out of HR, but if anyone has any good idea’s I’m game.

Thanks a bunch in advance & Best Regards,

Chris W.

Just a guess here, because I don’t understand your post:

In Advanced Settings, set Country Indication Tones to United Kingdom.
For the incoming trunk, if pjsip, set (in PJSIP Settings -> Advanced) Inband Progress to Yes.
If chan_sip trunk, add progressinband=yes to the PEER Details (USER Details should normally be blank).
Call in to test.

If I missed the boat, please provide more details:

Is PBX dedicated to UK office, or does it serve multiple countries?

If concerned with ringback heard by customers calling in, are they calling a UK geographic number or something else (freephone, number in another country, etc.)?
How are incoming calls routed (IVR, queue, Ring Group, sent to specific extension, etc.)?

If concerned with ringback heard by the UK staff, what devices are they using (IP phone make/model, softphone name/version, SIP app name/platform, etc.)?

Thanks for the reply. I did change the country in advanced settings, I tried setting inband progress in the pjsip advanced settings as well with no effect.

However, I just rebooted and it all seems to be working.

Best Regards,
Chris W.

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