Ringing multiple phones with one extensions


We are moving to a FreePBX system from our current * system, which is a base install configured exclusively through the config files. We have a “poor man’s” admin setup where if someone calls an extension we have it ring multiple SIP phones. We’ve done this by appending a letter to the base extension, so that calling 7771 dials SIP/7771&SIP/7771a, etc. I’d like to replicate this functionality in FreePBX, but I’m having trouble. The ideal way would be to create a custom extension, I think, to keep the number out of the Flash Panel, but even trying to create an extension through the GUI fails, I’m assuming because the database will accept numbers only for the extension. I’ve tried a Custom Extension, but that’s not working either. I think I don’t understand exactly how to create a custom extension. I’ve searched around, but am having trouble finding a good example. I suppose we could just tack a number instead of a letter to the extension, but there is still the issue of the number showing up in the panel. Can anyone offer some advice on the best way to solve this problem? I can’t use a hunt group, since the base extension is tied to a phone and user.

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You can set up a follow me on the base extension that then calls a ring group or a queue.

Thank you KodaK. How to actually create the extensions is what we are trying to figure out. We tried creating custom extensions and adding them to the follow-me settings as you describe, but they won’t ring. You can call them directly, however. It looks like they aren’t in the system so that the FreePBX application can “see” them.


Create a ring group. Label the ring group 7770. Add members to the ring group (7771, 7772, etc). Make your ring strategy “Ring All”. Calling 7770 should ring all the members of the group.

I’m not sure I’m following exactly what it is you want to do.

Sorry everyone for not being clear; here’s (hopefully) a better explanation:

My admin has to monitor calls for 4 managers, and she has a Polycom IP 600 phone. Currently, we setup a line for each manager on her phone. My extension is 7744, so I have a SIP channel of 7744 on my phone. We configure a line on her IP 600 as 7744a. We do this for the other managers she supports. Then, in extensions.conf, we have an entry as follows:

exten => 7744,1,Dial(SIP/7744&SIP/7744a,30).

This allows her to pick up the call if I can’t, and she knows which manager’s phone is ringing, since they each have a line defined. This is for inbound answering only - she doesn’t place calls on these lines, only receive. I can’t do ring groups, since the group number can’t be the same as an existing extension. I assume I can renumber 7744a to something like 77441 and use follow-me, but then it will show up in the FOP and extension list. So I was wondering if it is possible to use a custom extension to make this work without actually creating an extension in the gui, but I’ve had no luck getting that to work. If we configure it and place an extension line it extensions_custom.conf, you can call the extension, but it won’t ring when configured in follow-me. And I still have to use a number, not a letter, i.e 77441, not 7744a.

It’s also quite possible that this is a bad method of accomplishing what we want, so if anyone has a better way please share!

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Set up a follow me on each extension you want to monitor and send the calls to both the monitored phone and the admin’s phone. If necessary, tag the CID so the admin knows who the call is going to.

For example:

Manager 1 is ext 1111
Manager 2 is ext 2222
Manager 3 is ext 3333


Admin ext is 6666.

Set up a follow me for 1111 that rings both 1111 and 6666.
Set up a follow me for 2222 that rings both 2222 and 6666.


With each of those, you can use the “CID Prefix” option in the follow-me to tag the caller ID so the admin knows who is being called.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, that’s just one way of doing it, and doesn’t require a custom extension.

JSYK, it is possible to edit the scripts to exclude certain extensions from the FOP – but I don’t recommend it since it doesn’t carry through upgrades. If you really want to know I can look up the code changes I made. But investigate other ways first.


Thanks for the info. Your suggestion does work; one issue I see is that if my Admin calls me, it adds the CID prefix,
so the Caller ID displays “Kevin: Admin Name” on my display, which may cause confusion for some people.

Our extension list is pretty static, and we already have to manually maintain the panel configuration files since we display
about 80 extensions in the panel and sort by First Name, not extension. So I’ll try it with 77441,etc., and edit the panel
config file manually and see how that goes. I still can’t get custom extensions to work, so if anyone can explain the process
I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks again!