Ringing Audio on incoming SIP calls gone

I have a Freepbx distro version 6.12.65-32 with Asterisk 11.21. They have been workign just fine for about 8 months. To my knowledge there hasn’t been any programming changes. The callers hear nothing after they finish dialing and then the customer answers the call, all audio after the answer is fine. Hold music is fine, etc. Could there be a “ring.gsm” file that should be playing but isn’t for some reason? This isn’t the first customer that has brought this up in the past few days. Our only work around is to send the caller to a Ring Group and have the system play MOH until they get picked up

I am getting the same thing on multiple customers with a variety of sip carriers. One thing I have noticed is that if a DID points at a ring group there is no ring back generated. A sip provider provided the following explanation from their side:

The customer’s phone system is returning a 183, so we’re expecting the customer’s phone system to generate ringback. If they want generated ringback only then they should only send a 180.

The system had been generating ringback for many many months and recently all seemed to drop it.