Ringgroups as agents in queues

Someone here once told me to assign a user multiple extensions so they can use a softphone as well as endpoints. Then, I’d have to group those extensions in a ringgroup. That’s working so far.

Now, users should be agents in a queue. But putting the ringgroup numbers in there does not work:

Returned from dialparties with no extensions to call and DIALSTATUS: NOANSWER

What’s the proper way to add users as queue agents without knowing which extension they are using? And how do I call Misc. Destinations? Instead of adding mobile phone numbers as members of a ringgroup I was told to add them as Misc. Destinations and use them as “Destination if no answer” in the ring group.

In my imagination, FreePBX just rings the ringgroup if there’s a call in the queue. If no members of the ringgroup are available or after the ring time, it should follow the directions in “Destination if no answer”. But maybe I’m wrong somewhere …

Use PJSIP extensions, which allows multiple registrations per single extension. Then put the single extensions in the required queues.



I’d really like to use pjsip but I had a lot of troubles with it, like calls not ending after hanging. After switching to sip those troubles vanished. :man_shrugging:

I would encourage you to resolve PJSIP, not only because this is a more straightforward solution, but CHANSIP is depreciated (no longer supported or patched) and will eventually stop working. This forum can be a great place to help you troubleshoot.

If you cannot accomplish this, have you considered looping your ring groups to create a faux queue?

That’s what people tell me when they are angry. :slight_smile:

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