RINGGROUP, MOH Failure at transfer


we have a problem with call transfer at calls comming over ringgroups.
With external call comming direct to extensions (incomming routes) we have no problem, tranfer works fine.

The issue:
external calls over ringgroups and then transfer internally, the MOH don’t stop when the call is successfull transfered.

In detail:

external call goes into ringgroup.
from ringgroup to extention. ext A hook up. all fine.
ext A will transfer to ext B.
ext A and ext B have no problems with talking.
When ext A have successful transfered the call to ext B, the external caller hears the MOH and not ext B. Ext B can heard the external caller speaking.

System details:
FreePBX Distro with actual version. Extensions are Cisco 7960 over SCCP. PSTN connected over junghanns quadbri (Dahdi device).

asterisk version:
freepbx version:
dahdi version:
sccp version: v2

What is the reason?
How we can fix our problem?

Keep up the Peace efforts n we will do the same ;o)

Thanks for your support.

I’m having a similar problem. Not exact but close enough that I think we might need the same fix. Any luck with it on your end?

i ve just switched to misdn with the quadbri.