Ringback delay7 segundos

It takes about 7 seconds to ring when I call an extension, I can at least reduce that time to 2-3 seconds.

Demora al rededor de 7 segundos para timbrar cuando llamo a una extension, puedo por lo meno que ese tiempo baje a 2-3 segundos.


usually the ‘dialstring’ on the phone, does it go through quickly if you append a #?

Eso depende de tu modelo de teléfono en particular, puntualmente el plan de discado, no es una función de FreePBX.

thanks for you respond. right when I press # . it do it inmediatly but a lot of clients doesnt know it. its in a hotel resort

Debes verificar el plan de discado en tu teléfono IP o ATA, seguramente tiene una forma de modificar allí el timeout de discado, suele llamarse inter-digit time-out.

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Then fix it on the phones perhaps?

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but the phone is analogo

Then make sure your outbound routes don’t collide with your extensions. Often you can use 3 or four digits for rooms where no rooms start with 0 or 9 , you could then use 0 for reception and 9 for an outbound calls. Your situation might be different but the dial plan will complete the call as soon as there is an unambiguous match.


I changed my outbound routes order , I putted it in at first so when it read it doesnt take long to proccess.

thanks for you help.

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