Ringall not ringing all extensions in queues

I’ve seen this question before, but wondering if there’s a better workaround since all the other posts are from a decade or more ago.

Given our currently low staffing, I have all queues set to ringall, and all extensions are in each agent list.

Still, for several of the queues, it’s just ringing one person at a time. I have agent timeout set to 10 seconds to hopefully rotate them quickly.

In past posts, I’ve seen the solution is to recreate the queues. Is this the only fix?

I checked CDR reports, and indeed it is not trying every extension.


That’s basically because they are already ringing in another queue.

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Not quite sure I understand, would you mind elaborating a little more?

When you use ring all, a caller on a queue tries, once each second, to grab all the members of the queue are free. It then has exclusive access to all of them until the queue timeout value is reached, or the call gets answered.

During that time any caller on another queue will only be able to grab those members that have become free in the mean time. If none do, it will try each second until the timeout occurs on the first queue. However, in that case it is also possible that a caller on the first queue will grab all the available agents first. Queues at the same priority operate on a contention basis and the caller that is latest in their cycle of polling for members will win.

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Ok got it!

We’re pretty low call volume, so it’s rare we get a couple people in the queues. More often, for whatever reason our small team can’t pick up, and the caller gives up while the PBX is busy going through each agent.

What asterisk version are you running? Have you look checked the agent state with queue show <queue number> on the asterisk console?

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I usually check it in the GUI under Asterisk Info, Peers. Or I use the realtime view in Asternic call center stats 2. Are those the same?

This status is not the same as the Peers status and I don’t know if Asternic call center reports the same information that the command would give you as I don’t use that product anywhere.

You can run this command under Admin → Asterisk CLI.

This command lists all the agents that are in a queue and their status. It’ll tell you if they are paused or in a call or if they are indeed Not in use and available to receive calls.

If the issue is not easy to reproduce you may have to pull this information frequently until you catch something out of the ordinary.

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Sounds good, and thank you. I will try giving this a shot.

There seems to be some progress in this after fixing various other things for another issue. I’ve been putting the last couple days into this to try to sort this stuff. Business has been rough lately, and we’re pending acquisition, so trying to put my best foot forward with this. Even if the buyer plans to move us to their system (Aircall) ha.

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