Ringall Illogical Behavior - does this makes any sense to you?

I just purchased panasonic sip phones (kx-tgp500) and 3 additional tpa50 handsets. In the panasonic web client, i have line 1 (701) set to handset #1 only and so forth until line 4 (704) is set to handset #4.

When I use a ring group of ringall, the 4th extension in the list does not ring. If I list 701 only, it rings. 701 and 702 and they both ring. 701, 702, and 703 and they all ring. When I add 704, it does not ring.

If i reverse the order, 701 won’t ring - only the top 3 extensions which would be 704, 703 and 702.

If I add a dummy extension 705 to a 5th spot which I register between the panasonic and freepbx, that does not help.

Any ideas? This is crazy.

I know I can make them all ring with the panasonic web interface, but I would like them each individually addressable.

I am running: FreePBX
Ring Groups2.8.0.3FreePBXEnabled

by the way, the hunting function works at goes from 701 to 704 sequentially as expected.

Panasonic KX-TGP500 DECT base has a limit of 3 simultaneous voice calls.
By assigning a ring group to ring more than 3 extensions, your hitting the limit of the phone base, which is why only 3 extensions are ringing.

Instead of using a ring group, create a 700 extension. Then on the TGP500 base assign 700 incoming to ring all handsets. You can still assign individual ext 701,702,703…for each handset for incoming and outgoing calls.

lastly, do you know of any other cordless SIP phone? I have 5 more days to try these out, but I din’t read many good things about the Siemens or Aastra cordless SIP phones, so I went with the Panasonic.

They all pretty much have the same limitation of 2-3 simultaneous calls. It’s most related to FCC’s DECT channel limitations.