Ring tone/volume overrides on inbound route or ring group

Hi all, I am installing a new PBXact system and have come across an issue where I need a call coming into a ring group, or for that matter a certain inbound route to have a distinct ring tone. This option is selectable both inside the inbound route settings, as well as the ring group settings, as well as ring volume. However, setting these options to ring tone 5 (in my case) and with max volume does not effect the phones that are configured to this route/group. They simply ring with the default tone and default volume.

I am using Sangoma phones (S705 and S405) models and have configured using EPM, PBXact:

Thank you for any help!

For more clarification, in the EPM all of these phones are set to ring with the default tone on Account 1. I don't wish to change the default ringtone for all general purposes. I only want the inbound route/ring group to override the default in the event that the call comes in on the secondary inbound route which rings this particular ring group.

This should work. If its not open up a Sangoma phone support ticket at support.sangoma.com

On my Yealink phones, I had to set the Alert Info for the incoming DID, and then on the phone, I set up another ring tone with that matching Alert Info (on the Yealink, the field was called “Internal Ringer Text”).

When PBX sends that alert info, it rings with the different tone.

I set up a few, in fact… the default for regular calls, one for “internal only” calls, and one for a specific service line we have.


The OP here is asking not just ring tone but ring volume. With Sangoma phones from within the PBX you can control the ring volume that is used in places like queues and ring groups to not just change the ring tone but the volume.

This is a resolved thread but I wanted to post my fix to this issue. At the time, the Queue software was not able to have both a non-default ring tone AND a non-default volume used in conjunction. I had to choose one or the other. Not a problem. The ring volume was sufficiently loud enough at default so I decided to revert back to default ring volume. Then the non-default ring tone worked correctly.

An updated version of Queues and/or Ring Groups likely fixed this issue.