Ring time issues with call recording

I am having an interesting issue when call recording is enabled.

I have an inbound route which goes to a ringgroup that dials some outbound number in the extensions list. This works and the call is forwarded correctly.

I have also made a script that will put the inbound route did into the asterisk db and set recording to always so that call will be always recorded.

Now the call forwarding and recording work just fine but any ring time I set will make no difference as once call recording is enabled and MixMon takes control it will ring forever and never fail over to the destination no answer specified in the ring group after the set ring time.

I then tried a different approach:

I created an extension then forwarded the inbound route to the extension. I set the follow me for the extension to dial the external number # and if more than 10 seconds ring time fail over to the destination no answer which is the extensions voice mail. This all works fine again but if I set the record incoming / outgoing to always so that I can record calls and or a voice mail if they leve one then the ring time no longer apply and the external number will ring for ever and never fail to the destination no answer which is the voice mail.

My over all goal is to forward an inbound route number to an external number and record the overall call and if the call is not answered after a specified time (say 10 secs) then I want the call to terminate to a voicemail box on the system and record the voice mail so I can email it out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Asterisk 1.4.22-BRIstuffed-0.4.0-RC3d