Ring Strategy and Wrap up Time

Hello everybody!

I`m having some problems in my queue. I set in my ring strategy rrmemory, for the calls keep the position of the agent and know who answer the last call and left him. I set to a wrap up time for my agents have time to put some informations in our CRM, but sometimes FreePBX doesn’t respect it.

Do you know why it’s going on? What I can do, I have to put my agents to receive calls in order and set a time after the calls to put informations in CRM.

Asterisk version?

Asterisk Version: 13.17.0

The well known queue wrapup bug was fixed in 13.17 but it wouldn’t hurt to upgrade to current.

So it was fixed? Here it`s not working. My agents call me saying that one of them are receiving calls instantly after finish the other call.

Do you know that it`s a solution for it?