Ring phone and mobile app (talk)

I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but how can I configure phone and mobile app to ring simultaneously, or consecutively (if phone unavailable). Just installed Sangoma Connect/Talk and I can’t seem to find this simple routing.

If both a physical phone and the app are properly registering for the same extension then they will ring at the same time.

Make sure that the Max Contacts setting under the Advanced tab for the extension is something more then 1 though.

I checked the settings under ‘Extensions’ / Extension:### / Advanced and the ‘Max Contacts’ was set for 6. However, this has not made a difference. I can call out from the Talk Mobile App, but it does not receive calls when my physical phone rings. Is there a way I can test out receiving calls to the softphone.

In the asterisk CLI you can also run “pjsip show contacts” to see if both the phone and the mobile app are registered for the extension.

Thank you for your help and the pointer to the ‘pjsip show contacts’ CLI. Softphone had been set up properly, but the problem receiving calls was an iOS ‘feature’. A setting called ‘FOCUS’ in iOS was preventing the Talk app from generating the incoming call notification. This was documented in the web post : Incoming call issue with IOS Mobile V15.0.1 - Sangoma Talk (Connect) - Documentation

Once I changed the permission, notifications were received for incoming calls. Also, if anyone is using FreePBX behind a pfSense router using SNORT, I am receiving a number of false positives from Sangoma servers that I must monitor and then add to a pass list.

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