Ring only available agent when call waiting is enable

hi, i have enable call waiting in each extension so when there is a second call i want to be able to pickup that second caller while i am talking with the first caller but the thing is that even when there are some agent available sometimes if i am on the call it still rings to me instead of ringing to an available agent, so if there are agents available i want it to ring to them.
My Queue Config:
Ring Strategy: rrmemory
AutoFill: YES
Skip Busy Agent: NO (if i set Yes and all agent are busy it will stay on queue which is i dont want the caller to stay on queue but i want to answer that caller and say to the caller to wait a little bit and i will put that caller on hold again)
Do you guys have any solution about this? Thanks

I have to ask, is there a point in this? Meaning, if you’re going to pick up the phone and tell the caller to wait a little bit, why wouldn’t you just have them wait in the queue and maybe play some announcement stating something to the effect of “representatives are busy, your call will be answered in the order it was received” or something like that?

Just giving a suggestion and clarifying what you’re asking at the same time. Essentially, you would interrupt your current call to tell someone else to be placed on hold, just to go back to your caller again. Just trying to make sure I am understanding this request.

yes you understood correct, i know if it is about me i would never do that but my customers are like that ,they want to speak with some one live and if i set like a queue moh they will hang up and complaint, they want to answer the call within 5 seconds even if i told them to wait than its not a problem… i know its a little bit messy…

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