Ring groups vs multiple phones on one extension

One of my clients has a storefront with an office in the back. There are 2 store phones and 5 office phones. Along with having a personal extension all of the office phones have an extension that rings when the store is called. Essentially I have 7 extensions (2 for the store 5 for the office) that do the exact same thing, they all use the same voicemail box as well. Can I instead just use 1 extension and hook up multiple phones to that extension? I think it would be much cleaner but I’m not sure if this is the correct way to go.

Hi @kfeen ,how are you?
You can do it with PJSIP, you just need to set max contacts to whatever you need to enter to the extension, go to Advanced tab and search for “Max contacts”, the number you set there is the number of devices you can use with the same extension.

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