Ring groups - ringall, hunt and memoryhunt ring issues

So we have been testing this for weeks. We thought we had it solved but at this point are back to square one.

ringall - works with extension and having it CF to users cell.
Once we add another extension below that or mix an external number with # at the end it seems to break the entire group

hunt and memoryhunt don’t work at all like they are supposed to. We have messed with ring times from 5 seconds to 300 seconds. No matter what we have as ring times in this group it seems to say all users are busy around a 25 second mark. Almost like something somewhere else is overriding what we have in the ring group ring time setting.

Ideally we’d like to have
ext A
ext B
ext C

ring cell 1st, then cell+A, cell+A+B+C but so far and weeks of testing this just never works. We were told to tray asterisk build 16 but it so far has not made a difference.

Because once you send the call out to a mobile device, the ring group is done. The call was delivered.

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