Ring Groups module, Mark Answered Elsewhere problem

Tested with latest version and rollback versions until 15.0.9 the “Mark Answered Elsewhere” setting doesn’t work for me, if i don’t answer the call my phones that are on the group don’t have “Missed Call” entry.
I am using Freepbx Distro version, System version 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7.
Thank you very much in advance.

Switch the answered-elsewhere feature to no in the ringgroup and try again.

If I switch off the “Mark Answered Elsewhere”, when I answer a call all other devices in the ring group will have a “Missed Call” entry! This future when is on doesn’t mark a call as missed on all other devices of the group when you answer the call and only mark the call as missed if no device of the group answers the call! But now the service if it’s on never marks the call as missed!
This service seems to not working properly as far as I know or understand!
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I might be wrong, but the mark-answered-elsewhere feature in the ringgroup, if on, is supposed to always send an answered-elsewhere message to all phones regardless of answered or not.
Asterisk automatically takes care of the answered-elsewhere status. If it doesn’t work, it might be a problem of your phones…but again, I might be wrong :wink:
I have many Digium/Sangoma D65 in use, the answered-elsewhere within a ringgroup works fine (Asterisk 13/freePBX 14).

Hello to all and thank you for the replies!
The future “Mark-answered-Elsewhere” worked correctly until i upgraded from FreePBX v14 to v15!
When you don’t answer a call that placed on a Ring Group at all then the Asterisk treats the call as “missed” or you will not be able to know that someone called you at the first place!
The deference between enabling or disabling the future “Mark-answered-Elsewhere” is ONLY when you receive a call and someone on the Ring Group answers the call, if enabled the Asterisk will treat the call as “not missed” to all other ring group devices but if disabled Asterisk will treat the call as “missed” to all other ring group devices!!!
Doesn’t matter if the future is enabled or disabled when no one answers the call, Asterisk will treat the call as “missed” to all ring group devices! or you will not be able to know about that call because none of the ring group devices will have log the call! Thats my problem, and i have that issue after FreePBX upgrade from FreePBX v14 to v15 with exact same hardware!
I discover this when i have complains about: “someone told me that called to my group but nobody answered the call and my team cant find the missed call so believed that didn’t really called at all”
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Hello folks,

i have the same Situation with Ringgroups v15.0.11.7. When “Mark Answered Elsewhere” is enabled and the call is NOT answered by anyone, i won’t get a missed call Notification anymore.
What is the Status of this issue, is there a jira Ticket for this?

Hello to all,
I believe that this is a bug that isn’t noticed yet!!!
Please anyone reading this post and uses ring groups please perform a test!
Kind regards.

Hello to all, I’ve same problem described.

Ring Groups

Kind regards.

If you think this is a bug, you probably need to submit a bug report on the Issues page and refer to this thread.

Hello to all,
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We have always had “Marked Answered Elsewhere” disabled on our Ring Group, and this behavior has recently changed with the most recent update we did.

Before, if someone from the RG answered the call, nobody would get a missed call notification. Now, if someone from the RG answers the call, everyone else gets a missed call notification.

We want the behavior to go back to the old way.

Hi everyone !

First post on this forum, which I’ve been following for some time now, and which has been very helpful to me.

I’m using FreePBX v14 at my home with quite a lot of extensions (mostly Yealink phones, and a few Gigaset -largely spread brand in France). We have several DIDs and several ring groups.

Just like Jeremy17, I’ve noticed lately that when an EXTERNAL call comes in and is picked up by a member of a ring group, all other phones in that ring group will show a missed call notification. I’ve never had this problem before, and I guess it came along with the latest update.
All my ring groups are set to “Mark answered elsewhere : NO” and have always been set this way. No problem whatsoever with ACTUAL missed calls : they are displayed as they’re supposed to.
But the fact that phones show a missed call when that call was actually answered, I find very annoying and it confuses everyone.
Strangely enough, this doesn’t happen with INTERNAL calls. We use internal calling a lot, and we have internal ring groups. When an internal call is picked up within a ring group, the other phones in that ring group behave as they should : they DO NOT show a missed call notification.

I really hope for a fast corrective update, to get this thing back to working as I (and most of the users?) expect it to.

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