Ring Groups Missing

After the lastest updates today. I am missing all my ring groups.

If I try to create the ring groups again it says it alreadt exists.

All phone are working normally just need to edit a ring group

Don’t believe we made any changes to ringgroups. Are you sure you aren’t getting a javascript error? I am almost 100% certain you are.

I tried on 3 different machines same issue. I will post screenshot after lunch

Obvious stupid question, but did you double-check your Module Admin and make sure the ringgroup module is enabled?

Photos posted. I disabled the Module Ring Groups and re enabled it at well. Tried going back to a previous ver and still same thing. Tried 3 other workstations… same issue

@tm1000 Do you have any other suggestions.

I gave you a suggestion that you did not follow.

There are no errors on the screen. I can add a new to group with no issue just does not show any old ones

I did follow what you asked I am not getting any java script errors.

@tm1000 So after beating my head. I was only trying it in chrome and firefox. Since i dont ever use internet explorer i didnt try it in IE. However it does load in IE but not chrome, Firefox on any workstation i have tried it on

Try clearing your cookies. You definitely are having a javascript issue. But you did post a picture of an invalid destination so I have no idea what’s going on. It might be time for you to try out commercial support.

Ok will do. It only works in Internet explorer is the weird issue. I even tried it on a fresh install of win7

You need to clear your cookies. Really clear them out. This is only happening for you and that’s because your cookies have incorrect data in them. Clear them.

What happens when you connect to your FreePBX from a Mac or Linux desktop ?
Or even an IOS or Android tablet ?
Maybe it works perfectly as intended.

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I found the issue. The issue was that we user AD intergration with UCP and I didn’t have the correct views set within User Manager. i was signing in as my self vs admin