Ring groups for home use

Hello everybody!

I’m trying to expand my PBX-in-a-flash system (with FreePBX 2.9.0 installed) by another phone. The wannabe config is shown next:

PSTN (ISDN, 2 lines) -> PIAF -> Phone1 & Phone2

1.) Both phones should ring simultaneously, when a call comes in. Ringtime should be at least 120 seconds.
2.) If one of these two phones is busy or DND, the other phone should also not ring. In this case, the call should be sent to an IVR.

I don’t quite know how to implement this. Perhaps you can help me? It looks quite simple, but I don’t get it :wink: I thought about registering multiple phones with one extension, but as I read, Asterisk doesn’t like that.

Thank you very much and greetings from Germany.

Hello again!

In Germany there is no “ring time limit” of 30 seconds. I think, it’s about 120 seconds or so. The use of two ringgroups would generate two missed calls on the phones.

I also thought about ringall-prim. First, it sounded wonderful, but there is one major problem left: it only works as planed, if the primary extension is busy. If the secondary extension(s) are busy, the primary still will ring on an incoming call. Any solution about that?

The reason why I want that behavior is, that I have two lines (ISDN) which both should be usable simultaneously on outbound calls while only one inbound call should be possible (I can’t pick up two phones :wink: )

Thanks for help!

The ringall-prim ring strategy should do what you want.


Hmm… I think I’m a bit ashamed now. I knew it has to be easy, but that easy?!
Whatever… Thank you very much. I’ll try your suggestion next week, but I think that will do the job.

Perhaps you have an idea to set ringtime to 120 seconds? Two ring groups would generate two missed calls on all phones…

Greetings from Bavaria!

Freepbx allows a maximum of 60 seconds ringing. My experience is that the PSTN rarely allows a line to ring for more than about 30 seconds before terminating the call, you need to check that out and then set the ring time in freepbx to a little less than that if you want unanswered calls to go to an IVR or Voice Mail before the PSTN times out.

If you really do need 120 seconds and the PSTN will allow it I guess forwarding from one ring group to a second ring group would be the way to achieve this.

Does no one else have an idea to solve my problem? Is it really that complicate? I can’t imagine, powerful software like Asterisk and the wonderful FreePBX won’t be able to simulate the behavior of a simple home-ISDN-PBX.

I would be very pleased for any ideas! Thanks!

Sorry, I have to try again.

Let me explain my “project” in another way:
I just want multiple phones to ring on incoming calls (ring time about 120 seconds). But if one of these phones already is in use or is DND, the calling party should go to an IVR.

I can’t imagine, it’s that complicated. I tried for days now, but I don’t get it.

Perhaps someone could help me with a custom destination, if FreePBX is nit able to do it out of the box.


What about calls going to a queue and a max wait time of 2 minutes. if no one answers within two minutes, its sent to a different queue.

Ok. I experimented a bit the last days…

That’s what I have now:

I set up a queue with the following options enabled:

  • Queue no answer: yes
  • Static agents
  • Agent restrictions: Call as dialed
  • ring strategy: ringall
  • max wait time: 2 minutes
  • max wait time method: strict
  • agent timeout: unlimited
  • agent timeout restart: no
  • retry: no
  • max callers: 1
  • join empty: yes

For all “static agents” - the extensions that i wanted to ring - I have set up a call forward busy to an IVR.

-> So, if an call comes in, the extensions ring. GOOD!
-> If one extension is in use, the other extensions would ring just very short (max one time) on an incoming call. The call is then send to the IVR. GOOD!
-> So I got what I wanted. The “one-time-ring” is acceptable. BUT: Instead of my privious used ring group, on an incoming call, all phones show a missed call after it has been answered on one phone. That’s a problem.

My hopefully last question: Why don’t missed calls appear on the phones if I am using ring groups, but do so, if I use a queue? Is it possible, to prevent that? It seems, the phones know, that the call has been answered on another phone when using ring groups, but don’t get that, when using a queue.

I would use ring groups - my work around above would also work with ring groups - but here I have the 60 seconds problem…