Ring groups - decline if all users are busy instead of busy

I’m using a ring group for inbound calls, containing of 2 entries. The hunt strategy is “hunt”. Use case is to forward an incoming call after some time of ringing (20s) to an external number or if the internal device is busy. The first entry therefore is the local device, the second entry is the external# number. That’s working fine so far.

If both destinations are busy, caller gets a 603 decline. Why not 486 busy? That would be true …

Perhaps you could use ‘follow me’ instead?

Thanks for your idea! Unfortunately, it behaves the same.

Btw.: I’m always wondering about the difference between ring groups and follow me. Well, follow me can be disabled / enabled in UCP by the user or by a function code. One more difference I could see during testing: follow me adds a diversion header - which isn’t added by ring group (adding diversion header in advanced settings is disabled).

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