RIng Groups - concurrent inbound call limit?

Hello all,

I am setting up a FreePBX for our office, I have experience with (Nortel/Avaya) business telephone systems, but none with FreePBX. The system will eventually be connected to a 23 channel AT&T HVS SIP circuit, but for set up and testing, we purchased 5 SIPStation VoIP numbers from FreePBX.

We have about 150 phone sets and multiple departments. One department has 6 people that need to answer inbound calls from the public to a published phone #. Today, I set up a Ring Group with 3 phones and programmed one of the SIPStation numbers to Inbound Route to the Ring Group. Two concurrent calls work fine - the 3rd inbound call does not ring one of the Ring Group Sets and the calling party gets a “busy” message.

I am thinking that it may be the SIPStation number only has 2 channels, but this is not something I can leave to guesswork. I don’t see anything in the WiKi under Ring Groups or the Queue module about concurrent calls (we have no need for the features in the Queue module, I just wondered if there was a difference in concurrent calls between the two).

Does anyone have any experience or information about number of concurrent calls and Ring Groups?

Thanks for your time.

There are no concurrent call limits in FreePBX. Additional channels are available from SIPStation if you need them.

Thank you.

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