Ring Groups and Yealink T46S Phones

PBX Version:
PBX Distro 12.7.8-2202-2.sng7
Asterisk Version:

We have multiple Yealink T46S Phones. I have tried updating the firmware on them and there is no change. What happens is the phones periodicaaly stop ringing in the ringgroup they are in. Resetting the phone by power cycle seems to fix the issue for a while. This seems kind if random.

I do not believe the phones are loosing registration because they can still make outbound calls, they just do not ring on inbound calls af random times.

I believe that any changes made and applied to the PBX also seems to have this same issue where the phones will not ring hoiwever they are able to make outbound calls.

Any ideas on reolution would be appreciated. It may just be a setting burried in the Yealink menu somewhere, or perhaps a bug in this version.


One doesn’t need to register to make outbound calls (except for chan_sip type=peer).

Grep the asterisk full log for occurrences of lagged and unreachable. It sounds like the devices are failing to qualify.

If devices are lagging/unreachable, and these registrations are traversing NAT in any way, check your routers for NAT or UDP Timeout settings and ensure they are set at least as long as your longest SIP/PJSIP Expiry/Keep Alive parameters on the PBX. If a router is closing a NAT’d port before the phone can send keep alive/reregistration, the device will become unreachable until it performs the next invite or scheduled registration.

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