Ring Groups and voicemail

Hi, I have my FreePbx set up so that incoming calls ring a Ring Group (inbound Route Destination) The ringgroup consists of all the extensions (5 in total) One extension has voice mail setup and should switch to voice mail after 20 rings. If I call this extension from another extension it does (after 20 rings) terminate the call on the called extensions voice mail. However - and this is the problem - if an incoming call comes in, all extensions in the Ring Group ring but the incoming call never terminates on voice mail even after more than 20 rings. I must have something set wrong. Any guidance would be appreciated.



Probably same issue as described here, ring groups don’t answer the channel:

It is intentional that by default, voicemail and other extension features are not enabled in ring groups. To change this, in the Extension List, put a # after the extension with voicemail.

Alternatively, in the Ring Group, set Ring Time for 120 seconds and set Destination if no answer to the desired voicemail box.

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