Ring Groups and Temp. Greetings

Hi All!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays in advance!

I have a ring group for a client that drops their callers into a VM box if they don’t answer their calls. All is well. HOWEVER, the client is now going on vacation and needs to have a temporary message in place. The temp. message has been recorded etc and the client is happy with it. However, it is not possible to change the destination of the Ring Group to go into the temporary greeting that is in place, it still only provides the same three options of: unavailable message, busy message and no message.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround for this? I don’t REALLY want to rerecord the unavailable message with the holiday message and then rerecord it when they get back you know?

Any help and advice would be swell :slight_smile:

Make an announcement, send the calls to the announcement then to the VM with no message.

Even better, have the ring group fail over to Call Flow control then have that go to either a holiday announcement or regular hours voicemail. Uses can use the Call Flow Control feature code to manually toggle between holiday and regular hours.

I use time Groups/Conditions to automatically do this for holidays and only use the Call Flow Control feature code for unexpected business interruptions and Easter.