Ring Groups and special Ring Tones

I am using FBX and Aastra 6755 / 6757 phones. I have a few ring groups for incoming calls. What I am wondering is there a way to have a ring group ring all the extension with a different ring tone? Meaning, the same tone on all phone for each ring group.

The reason for this is pretty simple; If for example a call comes in for the general sales group, I would like all the phones to ring, but I want the Sales people to know it is for them, and the Tech people to know to ignore that tone. Conversely I want Tech to know when it is there turn to answer the phone, and leave Sales undisturbed.

Is this even possible? How would I go about setting this up?


Part of the point of the system is to route calls to people that need to answer them.

Now, there are ways to make this work for you. For example, when you set up the extensions, you can put them into answer groups. By default, there aren’t any, but by setting everyone up in the same answer group, they can use the “General Call Pickup” button (if you have one) or the General Call Pickup Feature Code (which is documented in your Feature Code page). Pressing this button will answer the ringing phone for “the other” group (since you would set everyone up in the same group).

In addition, you can set up Directed Call Pickup (Feature Code page) to pick up a specific ringing extension. Set up the Marketing phones with a button that picks up “the main” sales phone, and sales to pick up the main “marketing” phone. This way, all of the phones in the place aren’t ringing constantly, but can be picked up anywhere.

To support your original request for “distinctive rings”, you can then set up your phones so that one group gets one ring and the other gets a different ring. This would have the benefit of, if a sales phone is ringing, an errant sales person wandering about can pick up any phone and pick up the call.

The reason is pretty simple. If the sales person who is in the building is in the Tech area (asking the tech guys for some help on something) and a sales call comes in, the sales person might not be able to hear the sales phones from where he is. That does not mean we don’t want to answer the call. No if there is no sales man in the Tech area and the phone rings because of a sales call, I want the techs to know that it is not for them, so they can carry on with their work.

The simplest way to achieve this would be to have different tones depending on which ring group was called.

Knock yourself out. Let us know how that goes.

Asstra phones do not support changing ring tones from the PBX. You can only set a ring tone on the phone and it’s used for all calls to the phone. Other brands like Sangoma fully support this but not Aastra. With Sanomga phones you get a drop down in modules like ring groups, queues, follow me and other places in the PBX to pick the ring tone and even ring volume level you want to use for the call.

The best was to do this if you want distinctive ringing on handsets dependent on ring group it to set the “Alert Info” in each ring group. See here for what to set this to on Aastra handsets. I’ve used this (quite some time ago I have to admit) on some old Aastra handsets: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FOP/Aastra (see the “Alert Info” section.

It’s much easier on Sangoma handsets (as Tony said) as these can be simply selected from a pull down menu for each ring group.

With Aastra you can’t change the ring tone just the cadence and for alot of people the cadence it hard to tell the differencea between versus a ring tone.

That worked perfectly. Not much of a difference in the rings, but enough to let people know if they have to act, or can ignore a ring group call that does not concern them.

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