Ring Group

Hi, today I have faced problems with RING GROUP. I created ONE Ring Group where included 2 extension (1201 and 1202). So, when I make busy for the first extension, the incoming call will come to second extension (**Because I select Firstavailable). But, problem now when the first extension 1201 busy, the second extension 1202 CAN NOT receive incoming call (Means the second extension 1202 also become busy) on CLI display “1202 cf is disable”. So i hope can get any advice to face this problem. Thank you.

use followme settings instead of ring group

Follow Me setting?? I already checked all the setting there. Basically I created 2 Ring Group 1100 and 1200. The first Ring Group 1100 working properly. But second Ring Group 1200 got problem when I make First extension busy the second also become busy.