Ring Group will not send to IVR as Destination if no answer


Asterisk 13.22.0

I have an inbound route that hits a call flow control then if not overridden hits a time condition. If within time defined by the group the call hits a ringgroup (1st HOP). If no answer, it hits the 2nd HOP ringgroup, if no answer it is set to hit the “noanswerIVR”. A call rolls through just fine until it gets to the 2nd HOP no answer for the IVR, just dead air and the call remains active.

I have tested the IVR functionality by making it the destination for the inbound route and it works fine.
System recording is done and the announcement is attached to the IVR.

Reboot of system or fwconsole restart makes no difference.

Any suggestions or known issues?


I suspect your provider does not allow a call to go unanswered that long. Try forcing answer to yes on the inbound route and see if there is different behavior.

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Hello and thank you,

I am the provider. I cloud host the system and I use flowRoute to register the Trunk. I can ring the phones 10,000 times if I wish.

As I said, if I set the inbound route to hit the IVR directly, it works just fine.

So, as a test I set the no answer destination on the 1st HOP ring group to the IVR that I want. It worked just fine. However, if I go from the 1st HOP then to the 2nd HOP and set the destination to the IVR it doesn’t work. The only difference in the 2 ring groups are the number of extensions that are ringing.

So, testing further…

I changed the destination for the 2nd hop to go to a extension voicemail instead of the IVR. Same problem, dead air. I noticed that when my call transitions from the 1st hop to the 2nd hop, my phone (the originating call phone) no longer rings.

This is a brand new install and isn’t in production yet. I have never had this issue before.

Deleted and rebuilt the 2nd HOP ring group, no change.

Everything is default for all ring group except the extensions for ring all and the destination.

Sounds like signalling to me, but maybe a call trace will have a clue:


I used a queue as the 2nd hop instead of a ring group with the IVR as the fail over destination and it works fine.

Interesting: This deployment is registered on PJSIP 5160, but you are correct, it does seem to be strange signaling. There is no EPM on this deployment to I have manually registered the accounts on 5160.

I did revert the Chan_SIP to 5060 and on FlowRoute I verified the registration on 5160 and yet when I monitor the call in asterisk I see signaling occuring on 5060.

PJSIP Info is showing:
Endpoint: 4000/4000 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4000-auth/4000
Aor: 4000 1
Contact: 4000/sip:[email protected]:5060 5fdd380a65 Avail 27.966

Endpoint: 4001/4001 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4001-auth/4001
Aor: 4001 1
Contact: 4001/sip:[email protected]:5060 7c1378e371 Avail 27.603

Endpoint: 4002/4002 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4002-auth/4002
Aor: 4002 1
Contact: 4002/sip:[email protected]:1263 44c5a163da Avail 28.061

Endpoint: 4003/4003 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4003-auth/4003
Aor: 4003 1
Contact: 4003/sip:[email protected]:1263 8ca1e1f68b Avail 28.132

Endpoint: 4004/4004 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4004-auth/4004
Aor: 4004 1
Contact: 4004/sip:[email protected]:1262 bb6cc88813 Avail 28.974

Endpoint: 4005/4005 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4005-auth/4005
Aor: 4005 1
Contact: 4005/sip:[email protected]:1262 97b2ca21d7 Avail 28.628

Endpoint: 4006/4006 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4006-auth/4006
Aor: 4006 1
Contact: 4006/sip:[email protected]:1261 e959fce208 Avail 32.823

Endpoint: 4007/4007 Not in use 0 of inf
InAuth: 4007-auth/4007
Aor: 4007 1
Contact: 4007/sip:[email protected]:1261 0e389dc8e1 Avail 28.107

Very bizarre…

Set the inbound route to force answer. Most providers wont let a call ring more than 60 seconds without an answer signal. Repeating what lgaetz said.

Turns out that if I call the system from an outside line, it works as intended.

We have another cloud hosted PBX that services our internal office network.

I setup new production systems within the office on the same network.

Something in house was causing this. If I use our handsets for our office PBX it doesn’t work.

Thanks for the input guys, but forcing to answer is not the solution.

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