Ring group : wanted annoucement and ring at extensions in same time


I tried manually same with Background instead of Playback at extensions_additional.conf without success :

exten => 601,n,Background(custom/Voice_Predecroche)
exten => 601,n(DIALGRP),Macro(dial,20,${DIAL_OPTIONS},0580-0582-0583)

A way to do that with freepbx would be better for sure. Queues ?

Thanks for your help

Do you want the caller to hear an announcement instead of ringing?


Yes, the caller should hear the announcement and the phones called should ring in the same time.
If not the caller will have to wait the end of the announcement + time to pickup a phone during ringing time = too long.

If nobody pick up the schedule is :
Annoucement (15 sec) + ring tone (30 sec) = 30 sec
"all our lines are busy" (15 sec)
voice mail with no mesg

if somebody pick up before 15 sec, the caller will even not hear ring tones.

Thanks for help

Use MoH instead of ringing and crate a class in your MoH to choose that has your announcement.