Ring Group Time Out to parking lot?

I am trying to make my ring group time out after 15 seconds and then park the caller in a parking lot. Can this be done? I have been trying with no luck. I am using latest asterisknow distro. Thank you

Ok I guess I solved this myself. Looks like you point the Destination if no answer to another ring group, then as one of the extensions in the other ring group you set it for the parking lot you want then # after that parking lot number. I also had it play an announcement so your caller will know they are being placed on Park/Hold and waiting for the next agent. Thanks


Why would not use queue’s?

Have a look at ParkingPro if a commercial module is acceptable. It has a fairly sophisticated ‘ParkAndAnnounce’ destination option. See details of the module to see if it is suited for what you are looking for.

Unfortunately my customer is extremely old school and they like to see a visual representation of when someone is on hold. kind of like the Key Phone systems. We tried the queue and “Bo, they don’t understand it”, LOL. Anyhow, Thanks for the suggestion. I set the buttons on the phone for BLF to parkin glot 70 and parking lot 90 for the other business location and they are happy. I achieved my goal.

We have parking lot pro now but Digium d70 dont support the parking lot. Everytime I apply config it sets the D70s back to default parking lot then I have to edit the .conf and then do a core reload and then send reconfigure command. Dang parking lot pro beta.