Ring Group Time Conditions

We have a gate phone, thats on an analog card and it dials an extension internally, which is just a ring group. So basically someone hits the gate phone button and it dials say 55555 as a ring group. However they want it between the hours of say 3pm and 6pm to go to a different ring group.

I’m sure there’s a way to do this that I’m over looking.

Basically I have an existing time condition for the incoming line that will direct the call dependent on the time condition so that works. But how would I assign a setup where I would say have a custom extension number like I do with the ring group. But it hits the time condition flow first?

I guess I’m possibly just over looking a module I can use in the flow path for the gate phone.

Misc Application

Great that did the trick I knew I was missing one of the applications that could do it :slight_smile:

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