Ring group ring time per extension

Hello, I have set up 4 extensions in a ring group. They are set to hunt and I would like to set them up to where each extension rings for say 30 seconds to a minute each as they hunt.

Can someone tell me briefly how to achieve this.


Can you use the Ring Strategy option in Ring Groups Setup?

If not, you should be able to set it up in this manner:

  1. Set up a ring group for each extension with only that extension in the ring group.

  2. Point your inbound route to the 1st extension to be rung.

  3. Point the failover destination for extension 1 to the ring group for ext 2

  4. 2 Points to 3; 3 points to 4.

  5. failover destination for 4 would be whatever you need to do with an unanswered call.

  6. Use the ring time to set up whatever you want to as a delay.

I’d think VERY carefully about setting something like this up. A long ring delay (say 60 seconds), would equate to a hold time of at least 3 minutes assuming the first 3 were not answered.

I’d really suggest this setup be done as a queue. As there you have options to let the caller know their approximate wait time, etc.

You also have a broader selection of ring strategies for a single queue with all extensions included.


Thank you so much, very good idea.

About the ring strategy, I’m using hunt now but the way I test what I setup is, I call the number and watch it work. Regardless of what I do it rings say 5 rings in ext1 a couple in ext2 and it drops, I mean hangs up or goes to voice mail. It will not keep ringing in 3 and 4.

I understand your point and I’m glad you brought it up about the long wait the thing is if line one is busy, or someone is using it line two starts to ring you want to be able to either hung up or get to it from another room. The way I can get it to ring each line is about 10 seconds or 2 or 3 rings each and jumps to the next, if you are not quick it gets to the last and hangs up or goes to voice mail.

I’m open to suggestions and appreciate the input.

I’m a bit frustrated with the hunt because I can’t get it to ring say maybe 2 minutes between all 4 lines. From the minutes it starts ringing in line 1 to the finish in line 4. This way I have enough time to get to it. I guess.

Thank you so much.

Another very good idea. I stayed away from the queue because of the language barrier. This time I do not foresee that problem. I will give it a try.

Thanks a bunch Bill.

I really appreciate your help.

I’ve found there is almost nothing you can’t do from a pbx standpoint with a FreePBX system. Sometimes you have to stack functions to emulate what you want. Then you have to diddle with timers and such, but in the end you can make it do what you want.

The amazing thing is that while the underlying * engine is the same, the developers of FreePBX just keep squeezing more functionality out of it.

So anyway, I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to chew on.


I know could have started another thread but wanted to test my luck and see if you could help.

I have 3 aastra phones one is an 800 number the others have a local number each. each has 4 extensions. I have the queue set up roundrobin on each and each rings individually. I would like to have the 800 number also ring the two local phones.
Is it possible?

Can you help me with an idea.


replying to the original question.

If you have a ringgroup set to hunt with a ring time of 30 seconds, it should hunt each extension in turn for 30 seconds. If this is not happening then it is a bug.

Before you file a bug though, try upgrading to a supported version of FreePBX. Although I am pretty sure the hunt strategy had no problems in 2.4, the only supported versions that would be examined and considered for a fix to this are 2.6 and 2.7.

You are running on a version that has been out of support from quite some time. In addition, if you are now looking at queues for your solutions, a LOT has been done on queues since 2.4 and you should have a look at 2.7 if you are going that route.

For instance, I setup the 800 number extension and 4 additional extensions for the aastra phones, these are 480i ct and 480i phones. The additional extensions are 501,502,503,504 these are the ones I place in the queue and point the 800 to that queue. The same for the local numbers so, when I place the three main numbers in a queue, they do not ring at all. Now, I have placed all the extensions in a queue (except the main numbers)example, 501,502…510 and they ring but the first four will ring on the main phone before going to the other two. I mean they never get to the other phones because they will ring roundrobin in the first. I have tried ringall but while they ring in the main 800 phone what happens if another call comes in, will sound busy?

Dont know if I’m explaining myself correctly.

What I want to do: At the end of the week I will have the three aastra phones, a local number for each and the 800 number to facilitate customers to call toll free, the 800 can ideally ring on each phone. Sorry about the mess Bill, I’m hoping I don’t discourage you. ;-). thanks.

Again, think queue. An extension can service multiple queues. Create an queue for the 800 number and point it to the existing extensions. If it is important that the phone user know that a call is coming in on the 800 trunk, you can use the “CID Name Prefix:” As an example…if you put “800:” in that box, any call passing through that queue will display “800:” in front of the caller ID.

If you want an audible alert that the call is coming through a particular queue, use the alert info box. By placing the right thing here, you will cause the phone to ring with a distinctive ringing pattern. The choices are:

If I remember correctly, dr1 is the standard ring and dr5 is no ringing. Any of the others dr2 - dr4 give a distinctive ringing pattern. You have to enter the alert string exactly as it is given above including the square brackets and the upper case “B” for it to work.

Hope this gives you some ideas. If not, feel free to ask again.


I got lost in the pointing part. You mean include them in the static agent box with the other extensions? I have three queues created, One for each phone number and they ring roundrobin, each queue has 4 extensions so when the number is called line 1 rings then 2 and so on to 4. One of this queues is the 800 but if I add the two local numbers in the static agent box then the 800 firs 4 lines will ring before ringing the two locals unless I set it to (ringall)?. I this what you mean?

Thank you.

OK…You’d create a new queue for the 800 service and place the appropriate extensions as static agents. I could have said it better. An extension can be a static agent for multiple queues.

I must be missing something.

You have Extension 1001 and 1002. If you create a queue for the 800 service and have 1001 and 1002 as static agents, only those two should ring according to the ring strategy you have set up for that queue.

Again, I must be missing something…


I have to upgrade or erase my signature. I’m using the latest 2.6 and I’m upgrading tonight to 2.7 but I’ve been using 2.6 while planning this setup. Bill got me out of my narrow thinking and into the queues and I think they’ll work better for me and more professional.

Thanks Philippe. Appreciate it.

np - signature should take you a sec to upgrade. Do it now before you forget, or you’ll be like me and it will still be there in 6 months:)