Ring Group Questions

I have the same issue at three locations, so either I have something set wrong in all three (quite possible for me lately) or I have stumbled into something I hope there is a work around. Here is the scenario:

A ring group with multiple extensions, the Ring strategy set to ringall. Ignore Bsy agents off. Other than the timer for ring in the group programming is set to default.

A SIP call is sent to the group and extension 100 takes the call. While on that call another call comes into the group. No one answers the call (for whatever reason). Ext 100 completes that call but does not get ringing for the call waiting in the group. I have turned off the Call FWD/Bsy without it working.

I have read through the wiki and didn’t see anything that would help

Thanks in advance for any suggestions

How have you set “Destination No Answer”? In your scenario, I’d probably use queues anyway.


This is what queues are for.

I tried Queues and I haven’t wrapped my head around that one. We did fine that we needed Skip Bsy Agent off, CW on, on the extension, and CW enabled in Advancedsettings/Dialplan & Operational. so that does send the call to a busy phone and they can pick it up if they either hang up on the call they are on or otherwise park or hold it. It does make a difference in which phone you are using. We have Astra6757i and a Yealink T26.

My issue with the Queue is that I need to send calls to a group of phones and then after a set time frame add in a couple of phones to help grab the calls. I tried using priorities ie:
With a failover to another queue with
As I said I don’t understand the priorities yet.
I even setup a group with group numbers as the members of the group, although I may have messed it up i added a # to the end of the member number. IE:


Sorry didn’t answer the Dest No ans. It goes to a voicemailbox

Send it back to the Queue…


i am still trying to get this to work. I setup a queue like this.
Ring strategy ringall and linear --ringall rang all the phones regardless of priority. Linear started at 100. It seems like I must either not understand how this works or I have something messed up.

Here is the scenario again. I need 4 phones to ring initially on an incoming call. After a set amount of time I need some additional phones to ring. Phones that are busy should not get ringing, if they go idle during a call coming into the queue then they should start to ring. Other phones not in the queue should be able to dial the directed pickup code ie:**600 to pull the call out of the queue.


Am I missing something or did using 2 queues not work?

When I had the two queues the Ring all did not work consistantly. The first group had 4 phones and calls were sent as if they were setup as a Hunt Primary. I went back to twi ring groups one with a failover destination to the other