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on already busy system I’m asked to setup a ringall for a ring group with 65 members. I feel that this is a bad idea but is it really a limit of how many extensions we can have per ring group in freepbx? thanks

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In the list of bad ideas people have this isn’t that high :slight_smile:

Someone had a similar bad idea long ago and we reworked it so you could do these sorts of things. This should work fine. Some people (users) may get annoyed but it should work

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I didn’t try it yet but can I even enter 65 members in the ring group? What is the value for limit members in queues, ring groups and etc?

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max length is 255 which I think coincides with the database field

So 255 divided by extension length.

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Only issue I’ve had with ring groups with this many members is if they all have BLFs of each other on their phones. I’ve seen network issues in ring groups with that many phones when each phone has at least 10 presences of other extensions in the ring group.

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yep…I can’t enter them. The client has 6 digit extensions, I’m able to enter 36 extensions and still have 3 additional characters only…can I change that?

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This needs to be changed on the field itself (maxlen) and in the database. Anything you do will be nuked on update

You would need to submit a feature request at

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As you will find this will likely take some time to do (if ever). Another option could be to look at queues (not sure if field has the same constraints), or to build you ring group in dialplan.


This seems crazy to me. Can you please explain the application? If you disturb 65 people that way, each will be set back about a minute, so the call costs more than a man hour, likely $50+; it better be something really important.

I suppose for some kinds of emergency it might make sense; e.g. a pipe bursts and you need immediate help turning off the main valve. But then, I’d take the conservative approach and use overhead or multicast paging to be sure you get the needed help quickly, even though that would likely waste ten man hours.

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I guess it depends on how you are using them. Yes “ringall” will nail 65 people but not “hunt”.

I would typically look at a tiered approach when (ab)using ringall.

On no answer -> Ringgroup B, then -> Ringgroup -> C etc

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