Ring Group Not Ringing Proper Duration

I have a ring group attached to the primary incoming route that lists the main phone extension, then lists a cell phone number (suffixed by a #), ring style is memoryhunt-prim, ring time is set to 15 seconds, to my understanding it should ring the first/main extension in the list for 15 seconds, then if that extension isn’t in use and doesn’t answer after 15 seconds, it should additionally ring the second number for 15 seconds, before finally sending the call to “destination no answer” which in my case is voicemail, however, I’m finding that the call rings the primary extension for about 15 seconds, then only rings the second option, the cell phone number, for really about 5 seconds, before it stops ringing and sends to the “destination no answer”; what am I missing here? To my understanding it should also be ringing the cell phone for an additional full 15 seconds before dumping to destination no answer.

Also, is there a way to tag the forwarding to the cell phone so it comes up on the cell phone with a different cid than the incoming number to the pbx? i’d like to have a cid that says “extension xyz forwarded” instead of just showing the calling number the same way it would show as if the caller was calling the cell phone directly.

Help much appreciated, thanks!

No logs, no guesses :slight_smile:

Call trace via Pastebin

Caller ID Number and Caller ID Name are two different things, typically the Caller ID Name will not pass from the PBX to the carrier to the end user cellphone. You can change the Caller ID Number before going to a ring group.

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