Ring Group no answer destination

I have a ring group setup on our pbx that rings several phones 3 phones of which are at different locations on different PBX’s tied together using sip trunks all are Freebpx, I have the no answer destination set to go to voice mail of a specific phone but for some reason the no answer destination ends up using one of the remote phones voice mail. All PBX’s are running, any idea’s what I’m missing???

A ring group, by definition, rings all listed devices until either one answers or it times out. Since your remote device answers, the ring group is working as expected. Local extensions can be dialed such that voicemail does not answer the call, but there is no way to prevent remote device vm from answering unless you enable ‘confirm calls’ on the ring group.

Thank you for your reply lgaetz , I did extend the default ring time of the ext that was picking up by 10 seconds and this seemed to resolve the issue

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