Ring Group Mark-Answered-Elsewhere - is it broken again?

Asterisk 16.13.0
Distro install
Ring Group

I read about it several times in the last months and always thought it is a problem of certain endpoints only. Now I have a new freePBX install and use several phones (1xD80, several Cisco 8961). I cant get it to work …that if someone within a ringgroup answers a call that the other phones DONT show a missed call. I activated the mark-answered-elsewhere-feature (ring group), but it doesnt work.
I dont know where to start…
If a phone displays a missed call although it was answered by some other phone in the ring group, isnt it always a problem between the phone, which is agnostic of the answer and freePBX? The Digium/Sangoma D80 is a in-house phone…shouldnt it be compatible with freePBX?
Or is it also a problem of the phone, which picks up the call? In this case I would need a second Digium/Sangoma phone to test.

Could anyone else please check, if the answered-elsewhere-feature (ring group) works in current versions of freePBX 15? Thanks a lot! :wink:

The config of the Digium D-80:
display_mc_notification value= 1
hide_completed_elsewhere value= 1

Not sure how FreePBX handles this, but I think, that usually it would be done via the c dial option. Can you look in the log to confirm if FreePBX calls these devices with the c option?

You can also look in the SIP debug (sngrep is a good tool) to confirm that the Hangup cause it’s sent.

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