Ring Group Hunt Group Configuration

I don’t think FreePBX will let me do this, but I’m not sure…

I need to setup a ring group with external numbers (cell phones) in the extension list that all ring at the same time, until someone answers and presses 1 to accept the call.

Perhaps setting up a call queue is best, so that the callees get an equal number of calls. By, my requirements are, I need to only send one call to a particular external number, as well as prompt the callee to press 1 to accept the call.

I’ll hoping this isn’t as complex to do, as perhaps I am making it seem.

Sounds easy enough, make up a ring group with ‘ringall’, put in the cell numbers (with # at the end of each number), and tick Confirm Calls.
Might want to ensure that the Ring Time is set less that the cellphone(s) fail over to voicemail.

The only problem with ringall, is that it doesn’t care if it already put through a call to a particular cell phone. So, when another call comes in at the same time, it will put the call through to the same cell phone. I need one call per cell phone.

You should be able to change the Ring Strategy from Ringall to RoundRobin.
This would send the calls sequencially through the cell phone #'s (agents) you have in the queue one after the next.

Be sure to set the agent timeout to whatever value you would need before your cell voicemails kick in, then set MaxWaitTime should be set to at least the agent Timeout x # of agents in the queue, or unlimited, so it would continue to try one after the other until someone answered, and make it through the entire list before failing to failover destination (or if unlimited, retry the list of #'s)

Best of luck!

Wouldn’t that negate the requirement for the callee to press 1 to accept the call ?
I think it is only compatible with ringall, unfortunately… I’m interested to learn otherwise though…

I need a ringall to all entries (cell phones) without a current call from the system. With round robin, besides losing “press 1 to accept”, there is also the possibility that even if the calls flow through the list, that it will get back to the first entry and hit the call waiting of the the cell phone which is unacceptable. Any help on this would be great.

ok, first, I was “off” of my first post. I was talking queue, not ring group.

ring groups use “Hunt” (round robin is a queue option)… and I thought that “confirm calls” still worked with hunt in Ring Groups… have you tried it in the latest freepbx?

(If confirm doesn’t work, you could do this…assuming you only have a few “Agents” for this scenario for simplicity)

Setup a Ring Group for each agent (so it could ring a desk phone and cell phone maybe, or just put the cell phone in it)
Then, setup a Queue, with rrmemory (Round Robin with memory of the last call, so it sequences through even over multiple calls, instead of always starting at the top) and add all the ring groups created.

Now, since the ring group is ringall, confirm works, and round robin works.
And set the timeout fallback to the # of ringgroups setup as agents in the queue x timeout, so it doesn’t get back to the first one, and instead falls to the fallback location.

Does that accomplish all the goals? (although, confirm working in the ring group with Hunt is an easier method, maybe that should be a new option… huntconfirm or something - if it doesn’t work, maybe submit a bug/feature request)

Say, there are 5 agents, and concurrent 10 calls. How do I avoid the system from even attempting an agent until they get off the phone ?

disable call waiting for those agents extensions.

That would be the workaround, but I cannot. These are people’s cell phones that I have no control over.

as Directly dialed external numbers I don’t think it is possible.

BUT I think it is possible if you set them up as a extension with Followme to the external number. You can then configure the extension as not having call waiting so when it see’s the extension as having a active forwarded call with call waiting disabled it will not attempt a second connection. So from a outbound perspective that should work.

The only potential problem will be if the external cell makes a call, then while on that call the system attempts to ring that extension that goes to that phone it will ring… Even if that Cell is calling into the phone system.