Ring Group has begun not ringing for set seconds

My Ring Group is going directly to IVR rather than ringing for the set seconds.

Ring Groups

Call flow debug always requires a call trace via Pastebin.

For Starters; example:

I am not sure of the term, how would one create a “call trace” ?

*** WRONG*** Internal call to ring group works normally. Problem only occurs when calls come in via trunks.

I called the ring group again from an extension and it went directly to IVR. The “full” log is not displaying any entries related to the calls. The calls are displayed by the CDR.

Updated today’s module update and restarted PBX. The problem may have gone away. Time will tell. I thought I had corrected the problem two days ago and it came back. Fingers crossed.

By the way, new log update defaulted the console and full log settings to off. Discovered when the log report came up blank.

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