Ring group/Follow Me reject call

I’m using FreePBX and I have registered 3 extensions, two of them are Android smartphones using CSipSimple and the other is a Gigaset N300.

When I receive a call it rings in all of them but how can I make stop ringing in all the extensions if I reject the call in one of them? Right now I have to reject all of the extensions.

I’m having the same problem… I would like to reject, and have it rollover to voicemail, instead it’s a mess.The only way is to pickup and manually transfer the call, but i have to be real quite… not good.

I found something, but not much. From http://www.freepbx.org/book/export/html/1869

Many phones implement DND without using the FreePBX® DND feature code. These phones will implement DND locally and when a call comes in they simply reject the call by sending a “Busy Here” SIP message back to Asterisk. There is no standard way to “query” the phone and determine its state prior to making a decision about ringing the other extensions – so even with a “-prim” mode set, you may still end up with your other phones ringing. How might you deal with this situation?

When an Initial Ring Time is set on your Follow-Me, an additional benefit is obtained. Prior to ringing all your Follow-Me List, FreePBX® will only ring your primary extension for the allotted time as previously described. If it receives a “Busy Here” back from the phone, and you are running in “-prim” mode, it will not go and ring the other listed extensions since it assumes the primary is occupied. This results in the desired behavior on phones that implement DND locally.

But this doesn’t work for me. I’m using Bria for iOS as primary, and even if i reject the call from there, it will keep ringing the other stations. Besides, it wouldn’t be a satisfactory solution, as if that primary is offline, i still would be stuck with this phone call.

I have found a very similar yet also with no answers whatsoever topic here: