Ring Group extension digit limit

If I try to add extensions to a ring group that total more than 190 digits it will not save. If I enter a new number at the beginning of a list, it removes digits from the end of the list. Is there a way to increase this number without messing with the database? We havea need to add more than 50 extensions. Or if there is a better way to handle this I’m all ears.

I’ve tried this on FreePBX 6.12.65-28 and earlier.

Any help here? Anybody know how this works?

I have not tested to confirm, but my guess is you are exceeding the character limit for the field in question. Feel free to file a feature request at http://issues.freepbx.org to address this.

The work around in the interim is to create two ring groups and split the extensions between them, then add the second ring group to the first, making sure to suffix the ring group with the # character (read the tool tip for why).


`grplist` varchar(255) NOT NULL

Above is about 50 X 4 digit extensions as you are running in to. To fix this you would need to use multiple ring groups OR a database adjustment needs to be made. Asterisk may have a limit on channels it can dial too so this is something that would need to be looked at. Can you file a ticket at http://issues.freepbx.org and we can triage this and see what can be done.

I had no idea this could be done. So, if I have a current Ring Group as 605, I should create another Ring Group 606, and then add 606# to the extension list of 605? Will the CID Name Prefix from the inbound route get passed along correctly to second ring group?

Note that queues don’t have this limitation. It may also be friendlier to your server to use a queue. Ringing 50+ people can be resource intensive. In most cases over a handful of users there is no good reason not to use a queue.

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