Ring Group Distinctive Ring

I have a new PBXact setup with 5 different ring groups for our different locations. We have a few users that want to know if it’s a call to the group or a call to their phone. I went into the group settings this morning and set the Alert_Info field to Sangoma Ring 3 (We use all Sangoma S500s). The phones are still all using the ring set through endpoint manager, but when I look at the logs it shows the alert_info tag for the call

[2017-05-12 11:37:46] VERBOSE[13592][C-0000019c] pbx.c: Executing [s@func-apply-sipheaders:6] SIPAddHeader(“PJSIP/2915-000003e2”, “Alert-Info: ring3;volume=14”) in new stack

I think the volume is taking affect, but the ring is not. Is there something else that I need to do in endpoint manager to allow that on the phones?

What version of firmware do you have on the phones? As its a newer feature we added to the phones.

My firmware is Do you know what firmware that feature would start at?