Ring group - calling selected numbers at a specified time

On the old telephone exchange, I have a scheme set in such a way that when someone calls ivr main, they hear an announcement about which department they want to call.

For example, if you select 1

Calls are made to several extension numbers whose distribution in time is as follows:

100 - rings after 0 seconds after dialing 1
101 - rings after 0 seconds after dialing 1
102 - calls joins the previous ones after 5 seconds from dialing 1
103 - calls joins the previous ones after 5 seconds from dialing 1
104 - calls joins the previous ones after 15 seconds from dialing 1

So in short, numbers 100 and 101 ring immediately, after 5 seconds, numbers 102 and 103 join them, and after 15 seconds, number 104 joins them.

Is it possible to implement such a scenario?

Hi Lukas

The easy way to do this is to daisy chain ring groups, one after another after another where you add and remove extensions for each depending on your needs. The problem with this technique is that if someone should answer the phone in the split second between the switchover between groups, then the call is not answered. Your own testing will reveal if this is a problem for you. There is this more complicated technique here which fixes that problem: Cascade dialplan for dialing emergency engineers as quick as possible - #6 by lgaetz


I believe that you can do this in the GUI using Follow Me, though I haven’t tested it.

Create two Virtual Extensions:
User Extension: 1102, Follow Me: Enabled, Initial Ring Time: 5, Follow Me List: 102 and 103, Ring Time:60
User Extension: 1104, Follow Me: Enabled, Initial Ring Time: 15, Follow Me List: 104, Ring Time: 60

Then create a Ring Group:
Ring Group Number: 1100
Extension List: 100, 101, 1102# and 1104#
Ring Time: (as desired, e.g. 30)
Destination if no answer: (as desired, e.g. a general voicemail box)

Finally, route the IVR option to Ring Group 1100.


Thank you for your answer, the first version you described is not good because when switching to subsequent numbers, the phones stop ringing and start ringing again, the second version is more difficult to implement, so I used the solution proposed by Stewart, I still need to do more tests, but initially it looks like this is the solution I was looking for.

Thanks for the advice, it worked - except I had to do Follow Me List: 102# and 103# if I didn’t add # then the phones rang at the same time, after adding # they started ringing in the order I wanted.

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