Ring Group Call Waiting

Hello FreePBX Users!

I have a ring group set up to dial 2 extensions in an office. They are setup with “Skip Busy Agent” set to no and both have Call Waiting enabled on the extensions. If a call comes in and is picked up by Extension A and then another call comes in, Extension A does not have the ability to pickup the call even if the initial call is hung up while the second is still ringing. Am I missing a setting here?

I can provide more details if needed.

Thanks for the help!

What’s the ring strategy?



This actually sounds like a job for a queue instead of a ring-group. Even with Call Waiting set, if the phone is off-hook when the call comes in to a Ring Group, the call should be dropped only onto those phones that can actually answer it.

With a queue, once the wrap-up time is satisfied, the “now on-hook” phone will drop back into the queue and you will be able to answer it.

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The Queue gets me to where if I hang up my existing call then I can grab the new call. That helps some, but is there a way to have that second call show on my handset so I see the CID and know whether to take the call or let them keep ringing? Without hanging up my existing call?

IIRC, queues will still let you use CW, so it should work “no worse” that your current plan.

Thanks for the help cynjut.

Maybe it’s the phone model? It’s Grandstream GXP2135. I’ve yet to see any Display settings or Caller ID settings in the base file that have made any difference.

I honestly have no idea about the interaction with your phone. I don’t use Grandstreams at all, so you’re going to have to get that from someone else.

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