Ring Group Call Limit?

I dont understand, But my ring group isnt call all phones

its about 8 Phones, only about 5 are ringning.

  • All the phones are internal and on the same network
  • this phones doesnt have dnd option on

what it can be then?

Since you provided absolutely no information on your system it is next to impossible to help.

What version of FreePBX? Distro or hand built. What model and make of phones? Logs of a call.

Are you by chance using some model of cordless SIP phone that can have multiple phones but only allows some of them to have active calls at one time?

BTW. I am not aware of on hard limit on how many extensions you can add to a ring group. There are practical limits of how many phones will work well in a ring group. Any more than about 30 extensions and you could see issues caused by the timing of how long it takes to setup each call leg for all the endpoints in the ring group.

I am using a Distro,
asterisk cli
ring groups are

Most of the phones are grandstream 1405 phones
one is grandstream 2200 (which isnt calling)

its not a phone issue, because if i deleted few extentions and put other it will call.
its like it cannot ring all at one

my option is: ringall

Based on what you say is happening we will need some logs of a failing call to continue. If you can put different extensions in the ringgroup and they work than something is not setup right with the phones that are failing.

Its weird behaver
If i create a new ring group and putting this extention who didnt work inside it. - it will work

if i i am editing the ringgroup with the 8 extentions and removing some few extentions from it - all will work.

it not problem with phone nor extenetions, its like ringgroup cant call them all